Wild Animal Control, Animal Trapping, and Wild Animal Removal for Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Allentown & Surrounding Areas

Pennsylvania literally means “Penn’s Woods,” so it’s safe to say that most PA residents have tried to live in harmony with “nature as a neighbor” since they’ve bought their property, however, conflicts can come up when it comes to dealing with wildlife.

Being overrun by wildlife could be a recurring problem for some. Or perhaps a disruption in the local wildlife’s natural habitat has forced certain animals to change their patterns and movements, making this the first time a property owner is dealing with an animal control problem.

This is why it is important to hire a local wildlife control company that understands the local wild animal’s habits and behaviors here in PA. Our wildlife control specialists have years of experience in animal removal and working with property management, commercial, industrial, and residential nuisances in northeastern Pennsylvania.

At Procor, we have a variety of humane trapping options to safely remove any type of nuisance wildlife while also keeping your children and pets safe.

Common Wildlife We Remove

There are over 40 different types of bat species that live in the United States. Although bats are beneficial to the environment they are still capable of spreading disease.
Depending on time, place and behavior, birds may be helpful, neutral or detrimental to the interests of man, and some birds (sparrows, woodpeckers, waterfowl, pigeons and black birds) are more likely to become pests and will need bird proofing and bird control.
Also commonly referred to as woodchucks, groundhogs are the most widespread marmots in North America.
What's that sound coming from under your deck or crawl space? It could be Opossums. We can trap and remove opossums. Call or sign up for an appointment.
Skunks pose a huge threat to your house, pets, and health. These nocturnal rodents are the most common rabies carriers and carry other diseases such as tularemia, leptospirosis, and canine distemper.
Squirrels are capable of causing damage to lawns and inside homes. The most likely culprits who will enter the home are fox squirrels, eastern gray squirrels, and red squirrels.



Whether it’s raccoons in your chimney, squirrels in your attic, or groundhogs under your deck, we’ll catch ‘em all!

    Our wildlife control specialists will inspect the entire property both inside and out to search for any signs of animal activity such as droppings, nesting, and other damage.
    We will place humane live traps in the areas the target animal will travel.  Those traps will be monitored daily for activity.  When a wild animal is caught in the trap, it will be removed from your property immediately, and a new trap will be put in place if needed.



Bats might be an essential part of our ecosystem but they become a major problem when they find their way into your home. Bat colonies can grow quickly and exponentially if not controlled right away, so quick response and future prevention need to be your top priority when it comes to bat control.


Our wildlife control specialists will inspect the entire home, especially throughout the attic and roofline, to search for any signs of bat activity like bat droppings or possible entry points.


For the removal of the bats, we will seal up the entire roofline with the exception of one or two holes. Then, we will install devices that will let bats leave naturally from the attic and prevent them from coming back inside.

    Cleaning up bat droppings that are left behind is a crucial and essential part of the bat removal process. The droppings can contaminate your property’s air filtration which is a severe health hazard. When possible, we will clean up all accessible droppings and sanitize those areas.
    Once we have determined that all bats have left your attic, we will seal off the remaining holes to prevent future bats from getting into your home.



Birds are beautiful animals to watch when observed in nature. However, they cause a ton of damage to homes and buildings every year.

  • CONTROL: We offer a variety of bird control methods – such as nest removal, bird deterrents, seasonal maintenance, and other preventative services.
  • PREVENT: Our wildlife control specialists will seal up key entry points to prevent birds from further entering your home or business.


Dead animal removal

Dead animals can cause dangerous infections and they should be handled and disposed of properly by a professional. Leaving dead wildlife on your property can also attract more unwanted wildlife.

Procor’s wildlife removal services include dead animal removal. This includes birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, deer, and more.


Sealing up entry points where wildlife can gain access to your home or business is a critical step in permanent wildlife removal and management. Closure services include deck trenching, minor repairs, chimney cap, and more depending on your property’s long-term wildlife management needs.


When squirrels, raccoons, rodents, or any other wild animal gets into your attic, there’s a really good chance that they left a mess behind. If that’s the case, we offer attic cleanouts to remove all of the contaminated materials left behind from wildlife.