Get PROtected From Fleas Now

Fleas infesting your home, yard, or your pets are not only troubling but can be downright difficult to treat on your own. Getting rid of fleas with over-the-counter flea control products and tools can oftentimes seem futile. Even if you manage to kill most of the adult stage fleas, the flea pupa can remain in lawns and carpets for extended periods of time, eventually leading to a reinfestation.

Signs of Fleas

Learn to spot the early signs of flea infestation so you can get the protection you need before a minor problem becomes a major infestation!

Professional Flea Treatment & Prevention

Prior to our flea control program, a Procor pest professional will arm you with a list of items that need to be performed. This usually includes details regarding laundering, room preparation, vacuuming, and pet care.

We will excuse you and your pets from the home for several hours during the treatment.


We use a residual flea control product that has two long-acting components to help control fleas and break the reproductive life cycle.


Adulticides - designed to kill adult fleas and other developing fleas in the larval stage on contact.


Insect Growth Regulators - affects developing fleas that come into contact and disables the development into adults, interrupting the reproductive life cycle.