Get PROtected From Common Pests

Procor Pest Control has created a list of the most common pests found in homes in the eastern United States.

Procor’s Pest Specialists are familiar with these pests as members of the local communities we serve. Our specialists are trained in the most effective methods used to exterminate and prevent them from re-infesting your property.

Our PRO365 plans offer year-round maximum protection from all common household pests.

Common Household Pests

PA Residents face a wide array of common household pests and occasional invaders. Due to it's fluctuating climate, and with winters growing milder, it's more important than ever for homeowners to protect their homes and families all year round from costly pest damage.
Asian Lady Beetles
Although cute and beneficial when outdoors, these gals can become a nuisance and affect the quality of life when they invade your home.
Although most beetles live and breed outside, they can become a major pest issue when they enter the home in large groups.
Bird Mites
While bird mites rarely cause more than mild skin irritation in humans, they pose a significant risk to a number of birds, including pet birds and poultry.
Box Elder Bugs
Boxelder Bugs do not hurt people or pets; but when they come inside, they can be distracting, and they can spot curtains, furniture, and clothes with their feces.
Centipedes aren't the most harmful household pest but they can certainly be an undesirable nuisance.
Clothes Moths
Clothes moths can destroy clothing and other fabrics when left untreated feeding on natural materials, such as wool, yarn, and upholstery.
Clover Mites
Despite its name, there’s really nothing lucky about finding these pests in your home.
A cricket’s song can define a summer’s night but when they invade your home they can become a symphony of agitation.
Active at night, they will chomp on your garden and infest your home. Take action to control them.
Indian Meal Moths
Indianmeal moths are one of the most common pantry pests found in the home and can infest food very quickly.
Millipedes are rarely damaging to properties, but they are unsightly visitors to homes and businesses, and quite unwelcome.
Pharaoh Ants
Pharaoh ants enter homes to take advantage of food spills, crumbs on the ground, moisture, and protected spaces.
Of all the insect infestations that you could be cursed with, silverfish may well be the most skin-crawling.
Small Ants
Though they may be small in size, ants can pose a serious threat by contaminating food and damaging property.
Not really insects, they are crustaceans, and they are the only crustaceans to have evolved to survive entirely on land.
One of the most feared of all insects. There are more phobias about spiders than any other pest.
An unpleasant house guest that you can find hanging out around basement drains.
Stink Bugs
As the name suggests, these bugs plain-old-stink when they invade your home.