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Termite Prevention During New Home Construction

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Do you want to ensure your new home or building is protected from termite damage? If so, it’s essential that you consider termite prevention during the construction process. From adopting a preventative mindset and utilizing proven strategies, there are multiple methods available to decrease the risk of a costly infestation in the future. In this blog post, we’ll outline best practices for creating an environment which will deter termites from finding their way into your property – ultimately helping you avoid detrimental repair costs.

Types of Termites Found In United States

Termites are found all over the U.S. and can cause issues for homeowners and other property owners. 

There are four types of termites that are most commonly found in the U.S. :

  • The Eastern Subterranean

  • The Drywood

  • The Dampwood

  • and The Formosan Termite. 

Of these types, the eastern subterranean termite is by far the most common in Pennsylvania and also the most damaging due to its tendency to infest both hardwood and softwood materials. The drywood termite is less common and only  found in Pennsylvania when introduced from other regions via furniture and other wooden items. They live in and feed on only dry wood and don’t require contact with soil. 

Lastly, the dampwood termite  and Formosan termite thrive in other regions of the US but the climate in Pennsylvania is not conducive for them. This is why it is so important to understand types of termites found in your area and develop strategies for termite prevention and control.

Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

A termite pretreatment is an effective method to protect against termites during new construction. Before pouring the concrete slab, a termiticide is applied to the ground and areas around the structure to both prevent termite infestation and eliminate any already present. 

When selecting a product for termite pretreatment, it is important to choose one that not only is effective but also safe for use in or near human habitation. This way, homeowners won’t need to worry about their family being exposed to harmful chemicals while their property remains protected against a termite infestation.

Termite pretreatment should always be taken seriously, as it can make a huge difference in the integrity of the structure of your home or building over time. 

Currently, there are two primary methods of protecting a new home or building from termites: 

  • pre-construction soil treatment followed by post construction perimeter treatment
  • borate treatment followed by post construction perimeter treatment. 

Two treatments must be done at different steps of the construction process. The first is usually done before the foundation and insulation is in place and the walls are covered. The second is usually done after the landscaping is finished. 

It is crucial to ensure that each step is conducted properly and at the correct time. In order to avoid costly harm to your property in the future, termite pretreatment is a wise choice. If you think termite activity is present, contact a professional immediately.

Lifespan of Termite Pre-Treatment

Termite pre-treatment is an important part of new home or building construction as it is designed to create a chemical barrier that assists in preventing termites from invading and destroying a structure. Unfortunately, this treatment doesn’t last forever since soil conditions, climate changes and other environmental factors can reduce or inhibit the effectiveness of any Termite pretreatments lifespan. 

On average, Termite pre-treatments will last between five and ten years before they need to be reapplied depending on the condition of the area where they were applied.

 Homeowners should adhere to their pest control expert’s advice on reapplying treatments, the type of chemicals used, and the frequency of inspections to ensure optimal termite control. Although termite treatments ultimately need to be reapplied at regular intervals, the added protection is well worth the effort for a worry-free home environment for years to come.


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Physical Termite Barrier System

A physical termite barrier doesn’t use any insecticides at all. These items depend on the durability of its constituent material to prevent termites from traveling from point A to point B.

It goes without saying that a material must be pretty tough if its goal is to prevent termites from eating through it. 

It may not be affordable to cover the whole area under the floor slab, as termites could still enter through control joints and other cracks. These and other potential termite entrance sites can be successfully guarded using stainless steel mesh or other similar materials.. 

For a more affordable alternative, there are certain specialty plastic films made for termite exclusion that may offer this monolithic protection beneath the whole footprint of the building. This plastic-film technology can be used with bait systems or perimeter treatments to offer extra protection against termites that may attempt to climb and penetrate walls, looking for food.

Other TermiteTreatment Methods For New Construction

Termite Baiting Systems

Termite prevention is of the utmost importance when it comes to new home construction or business construction. Termite baiting systems can be an effective and efficient method for long-term protection. Termite baiting systems involve setting up bait stations around the perimeter of newly constructed buildings, which are monitored over time to look for signs of a termite infestation. 

They not only monitor for termite activity but some systems like The Sentricon System actively treat for termites from day one.  Overall, installing a termite baiting system in new construction is an effective and affordable way to prevent future infestations and damage.

Eastern Pennsylvania’s Best Termite Control & Prevention Experts

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