Mastering Rodent Prevention: DIY Tips and Expert Solutions

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Rodents can be more than just a small hassle. They can also bring about health risks and cause significant damage to your property. Knowing the signs of a rodent infestation is the first step to protecting your home. This guide provides an overview of DIY rodent prevention methods and professional extermination options, helping you better understand your choices. With the right knowledge and strategies, you can become an expert at preventing rodents and ensuring a safe environment for your family.

Understanding the Rodent Problem:


Rat infestations are more common than you might think in Pennsylvania, especially in urban areas. A recent study ranks Pennsylvania as one of the most vulnerable states to rat infestations in the country, with Philadelphia at #4 and Pittsburgh at #17.

Rats are attracted to places with abundant food and shelter which explains their prevalence in urban areas. They are highly adaptable, allowing them to thrive in different climates. In Pennsylvania, rat infestations are most common during the fall and winter months when rats search for warm shelters and a steady food supply.

There are two primary species: the robust Norway rats with their shaggy brown or gray coats, and the sleeker, darker-colored Roof rats. Their breeding habits differ; Norway rats breed year-round, producing up to six litters annually with 6-12 pups each. In contrast, Roof rats primarily breed in the spring and fall, generating 4-6 litters of 6-8 pups.


In Pennsylvania, one common problem we all deal with is the house mouse. These little rodents come in different fur colors ranging from light brown to dark gray. Mouse infestations also tend to be more common when the weather gets colder. They are prolific breeders, with females giving birth to 5-10 litters every year, each of which has 5-6 offspring. Despite their small size, they can cause tangible problems like property damage and health concerns.

Vulnerable Areas in Homes:

Several spots within homes are magnets for these pests. Kitchens and pantries are particularly attractive due to the ready availability of food. Basements and attics, being secluded, offer these creatures safe nesting grounds. Garages and sheds, with their inherent warmth and numerous hiding spots, are also susceptible. Another critical area to monitor is near plumbing or HVAC systems which provide warmth and act as highways for rodents, allowing them to traverse homes with ease.

Diseases and Health Concerns: 

Rodents aren’t just pests; they also bring health risks. Rats carry diseases like Leptospirosis, Rat-bite fever, and the plague. Mice, despite being smaller, can spread Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, and others. Even less common rodents like voles and squirrels can bring in external pests such as fleas or ticks to homes.

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DIY Methods to Keep Rodents Out:

Combatting rodents starts with sealing entry points. Addressing even the smallest gaps and cracks can deter these pests. Next, proper food storage is crucial. Use airtight containers and clean up promptly to deny rodents their main attraction.

For those seeking natural solutions, repellents like peppermint oil and mothballs can be effective. However, be careful with mothballs, especially if you have kids or pets at home. Prioritize sanitation by regularly cleaning and decluttering spaces, especially in food areas, to further discourage rodent infestations.

Lastly, traps are a classic choice, but their success depends on strategic placement. It’s important to understand their benefits and drawbacks before using them. By adopting these do-it-yourself measures, homeowners can proactively deal with unwelcome rodent guests.

When to Call in the Professionals:

Sometimes, DIY solutions may not be enough to handle a rodent issue. It’s important to recognize when the problem becomes too big to handle alone. Signs like persistent activity or increasing sightings might suggest that it’s time to seek professional rodent control.

Hiring experts for rodent control brings a lot of benefits. They have the knowledge, tools, and techniques to efficiently address infestations. Their approach goes beyond removal, as they dig deep into the eradication process, identifying and addressing root causes systematically.

Moreover, professionals offer long-term solutions. They not only tackle the immediate problem but also provide preventive measures to keep homes rodent-free. Their expertise includes structural recommendations, behavior insights, and specific landscaping tips to deter rodents.

Homeowners might worry about the costs of hiring professionals. However, it’s important to consider the potential damage rodents can cause, from property destruction to health hazards. In many cases, investing in expert services can be more cost-effective in the long run, saving homeowners from extensive repairs and health risks.

While DIY methods have their place, there are times when seeking professional help is not only advisable but essential for the safety and well-being of your home.

Benefits of Regular Rodent Inspections:

Regular rodent inspections offer invaluable advantages. They allow for early detection of potential issues, preventing larger infestations.

By catching these problems early, homeowners can maintain their property’s structural integrity, avoiding costly damages. These inspections ensure a safe and healthy environment, eliminating potential health risks associated with rodents.

Moreover, there’s the undeniable peace of mind in knowing your space is rodent-free. Plus, with each inspection, experts often provide tailored recommendations for ongoing prevention, equipping homeowners with knowledge for the future.

Procor Pest Control: Your Trusted Partner for Rodent-Free Living in Pennsylvania

Dealing with rodents is a challenge many homeowners face, but with the right strategies, it becomes manageable. From DIY methods to professional interventions, there are numerous paths to achieving a rodent-free home. For residents in Pennsylvania looking for top-notch solutions, Procor Pest Control stands out as a leader in effective rodent control. Our expertise, coupled with a commitment to customer satisfaction, ensures that homes remain safe and undisturbed. Remember, the key to a rodent-free home is proactive prevention, regular inspections, and timely intervention. Contact us today if you need professional help in protecting your home from a rodent infestation.