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15 Common Spiders Found in Pennsylvania

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They’ve roamed our planet for over 400 million years. This family of eight-legged freaks come in many shapes and sizes. They seem to thrive in nearly every environment they are put in – we are talking about spiders! 

They are predators with a large arsenal of weapons. Some are skilled acrobats, others sling webs, walk on water, and even fly!

These crawling scream machines have been the inspiration to many (often hilarious) horror movies of the past and present. And although they can often make the brawniest of men jump onto a chair at times, most spiders are terrified of human contact. 

While the majority of spiders are harmless, there are a handful that may be extremely harmful and even fatal if bitten. Knowing what you’re up against is the best approach to deal with an arachnid problem. The following are some of the most common spiders found in Pennsylvania.

Common Spiders in Pennsylvania

The next few spiders we talk about can be found, pretty much, everywhere! Whether it’s in your home, your yard, or some nook or other small space they’ve conveniently found to hang out in and around the home. These next few spiders don’t typically bite and generally do not pose any threat to humans besides the occasional freak out when discovered!


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Jumping Spiders

Jumping spiders are members of the biggest spider family, Salticidae, which contains over 5,000 species and accounts for 13% of all spiders. There are over 300 species of jumping spiders in the United States.

Hunting Spiders

Hunting spiders are usually found outside of the home, although they can sometimes be found inside. They do bite when provoked but the bite won’t be fatal to you or your pets. The bite, however, can result in extreme discomfort and sickness.

Poisonous Spiders

There are more than 43,000 different species of spider worldwide. Out of all of these varieties, less than 30 of them are responsible for human deaths. The reason there are so few deaths really comes down to the size – we’re just too big for them! 

Spider venom is made to be very effective on smaller animals. As we all know, this doesn’t mean they can’t do some serious damage to humans. Some species of spiders have venom that is either Neurotoxic or Necrotic producing skin lesions on people or even producing an allergic reaction that could be fatal if not medically treated in time. 

It’s important to note that “death by spider bite” is exceptionally rare, as clinics, poison control centers, and hospitals frequently have species-specific antivenin (antitoxin) on hand to treat the bite.

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